ZFS dead

Posted by: FSM

ZFS dead - 10/24/09 08:37 PM

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Re: ZFS dead - 10/24/09 08:55 PM

Thats interesting

Is it because something like Fire Wire ? since it was not widely adopted might as well kill it
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Re: ZFS dead - 10/24/09 09:50 PM

This kind of sucks but ZFS was turning into a hairball. Open source but not open source, Apple didn't have enough control. Apple likes having an iron fist with everything. With a file system like this it might have to be 100% coded in house. It will just take a bit longer. I guess the June 2008 announcement was the dead cat bounce.

There is one thing that is making Zepto sized pools not so necessary for the short term (three years.) Drive cost continues to drop like a rock per byte. A two TB drive for 189 bucks at best buy. There is no way a normal user even three years from now will find two TB confining.

Using ZFS to glue 1 and half and smaller TB drives together isn't worth the effort.(Or the electricity to spin lots of small drives.)

Apple can take the concept of ZFS in house, gut it, and build a file system fro the future. No need to rush until we all have 100 TB attached to our blueray TV and even then the 100 TB drive might be 189 bucks.

This only sucks for people who were writing ZFS code like crazy for the last two years. You just learned the code driving Betamax. Oops.

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Re: ZFS dead - 10/25/09 12:24 AM

Well, with the Europeans dragging arse OKing Oracle's acquisition of Sun (as if it's any of their business), and dragging down Sun's value, they might be better off if the aquisition nukes, but the computing world will be the worse for it.

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Re: ZFS dead - 10/25/09 05:18 PM

The thing that I was most excited about was the superior snapshot abilities. Perfect for Time Machine backups, but I'm not really upset with the performance of Time Machine right now.

I agree with Poly about the multi HD pooling not being an issue any time soon. Nor do I see Apple even offering a multi HD setup for anything other than the Mac Pro market.

I'm just hitting the limits on my 250GB drive ůmoving to a 1.5 or 2TB setup should tide me over for a while wink
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Re: ZFS dead - 10/26/09 02:22 AM

What excited me about the storage pools was the effortless way that RAID could have worked. If I understand how the storage pools would have worked, adding another device to a storage pool would have just added space, but would have also added some RAID-like speed advantages.

I hope that Apple doesn't give up on a new file system. It's a feature that might not mean a ton to many end-users, but I don't want to see Microsoft beat them to something better than HFS+.