Nokia vs Apple patent infringement case?

Posted by: MicMeister

Nokia vs Apple patent infringement case? - 10/23/09 09:27 AM

According to Reuters:
"It's too early to tell, but it's likely to be a drawn out battle. We have a hard time seeing a material risk to either company," said Avian Securities analyst Matthew Thornton.

And according to our national news -- take into consideration Nokia is a national pride and a huge corporation -- this might even lead to temporary manufacturing halt for Apple by court order. OK, so I rolled my eyes when I heard that this morning.

The whole thing will probably trigger a huge amount of speculation in our national media for few following days. I'm already cringing in anticipation while eventually this will most likely end like Nokia vs. Qualcomm; few years in court and they settle in the end.

Also wondering, whether any global media will give this another rat's ass really among other things.
Posted by: Mike

Re: Nokia vs Apple patent infringement case? - 10/24/09 04:53 PM

Well, it seemed to have an immediate impact on Apple stock.
Posted by: carp

Re: Nokia vs Apple patent infringement case? - 10/24/09 06:23 PM

Apples problem is by their admission , simply Apple was in talks with Nokia to license said claims . So the talks on the licensing broke down and Apple walked away , I guess Nokia was asking way to much , after all Nokia sales took a beating over the iPhone so I can see they wanted to get some serious cash to make up for the lost ?

It is more about licensing fees "Money" not so much about copy rights