Lowered Expectations

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Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 05:16 PM

Windows 7 launches to small lines

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said he only expects a slight improvement in PC sales due to Windows 7, as most will only upgrade as part of their usual replacement cycles instead of buying early or holding off until today's OS update.
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Re: Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 07:09 PM

The lineups were partly spurred by contests;

A bribe always works
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Re: Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 07:35 PM

This is lowered expectations:
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Re: Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 08:13 PM

Ballmer sales pitch

Not even close to Steve keynotes , I think Sears electronic department gives better presentations
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Re: Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 10:24 PM

Doesn't Ballmer remind you of Uncle Fester on the Adam's Family ?? laugh

wonder if he can power light bulbs ?

naw, I guess 2 nW isn't enough !! wink
Posted by: Mike

Re: Lowered Expectations - 10/22/09 11:32 PM

Please bring him back!
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That was hilarious! - 10/23/09 12:13 AM

I gotta send that to my brother. smile