Apple Hardware for Video Surveillance?

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Apple Hardware for Video Surveillance? - 10/12/09 09:43 PM

Wow! The US Army is going to use Macs? --Cool! smile

Government going Apple?

"Gettings said Apple and Unix/Linux are attractive to government customers because of reliability and ease of use. “It just runs,” he said of the Apple platform. “You’re not going to have some of the memory-leak issues that seem to plague different versions of the Windows systems. And mission-critical customers appreciate that.” And while Red Hat is a Unix-like platform with its Linux, “with Apple they couple the Unix reliability with a world-class user interface. That’s the stumbling block on Red Hat. It’s a little bit complicated ... The user interface for Apple is marvelous. It’s so easy to use and intuitive. It’s the hallmark of the platform.”
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Re: Apple Hardware for Video Surveillance? - 10/12/09 10:55 PM


I tend to agree on the eases of use , I will admit I never used a Apple system but have used a HP security system, multiple cameras and magnetic security doors that required swipe cards and special secret codes

Keep in mind

1 - THe HP was just the host system that carried the means to control it .

2 - The software is where the convolution begins

Something about PC software designers <--- why oh why is it that hard to make it intuitive ? ? Even with training a number of times on top of all that it was still was difficult to navigate , not for just me but to everyone involved into operating the system <--- Gheees
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Re: Apple Hardware for Video Surveillance? - 10/13/09 01:10 AM

They're going to have to change their slogan...

" . . an Army of One X" !! wink
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Re: Apple Hardware for Video Surveillance? - 10/13/09 03:36 AM

It keeps all those PC IT weenies employed. wink