"The Case against Apple"

Posted by: Mike

"The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 12:40 PM

Interesting blog/article by Jason Calacanis.

Is Apple becoming the 'new Microsoft'?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 01:23 PM

ha! Love the comments but thought the article was dumb.
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Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 02:10 PM

I'm half way through it and it reads like somebody who's pissy because Jobs left before breakfast and then never called back after that one night. laugh

Disclaimer: He never called me back, either, but I'm not the kind of MacBabe who cares about breakfast. laugh laugh

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Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 03:34 PM

My collection of Mac products now includes seven iPods ($1,500), four Mac laptops ($8,000), two Airports ($500), a Time Capsule ($500), two Mac towers ($4,000), a Mac Mini ($600), two iMacs ($4,000) and all three iPhones ($1,500).

Man oh man!! And he's complaining about Apple? shocked
(Must be nice to have all that extra moolah...)
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Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 03:42 PM

Maybe he just has a really severe case of belated buyer's remorse. wink

Seriously, I can't fathom this guy's obsession. I've never read anybody who "reviews" for a living who had that much stuff. Truly weird. I still need to finish reading the piece, but hey ~ Good luck to him when he replaces all his Apple stuff with MS stuff. laugh

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Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 04:36 PM

I thought "Love em and Leave em" was Gates SOP ? blush

bad thing is with Microsoft OS, you get left with viruses !! laugh

Herpes Simplex 7 anyone ?
Posted by: carp

Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 05:59 PM

Seems to me he has been brainwashed by his PC friends .

Correct me if wrong

1. Destroying MP3 player innovation through anti-competitive practices ;

His point is only iPods and therefore anti competitive . I believe only iPod will play AAC , so really he has this wrong . I think other MP3 players can be hacked for iTunes , maybe they don't want to pay apple a fee for iTunes whatever that might be .

2. Monopolistic practices in telecommunications;

This is dead wrong if he took the time to check , top of the line smart phones are all tied to one provider , more so if subsidized . Palm Pre example is tied to Sprint , dumb phones can be bought anywhere .

3. Draconian App Store policies that are, frankly, insulting;

Another dead wrong , Apple main goal was security quality - then you had those porn apps and shake the baby apps that creep in <-- try and imagine if Apple just let any hacker hose up apps at the store , lets call it the iCrap Store .

4. Being a horrible hypocrite by banning other browsers on the iPhone;

Not sure about this one , I believe that Safari for the iPhone is a special build . I don't think Apple is blocking other browsers per say just they are not 100% compatible , besides would you want to download bloated IE to a 8 gig iPhone ?

5. Blocking the Google Voice Application on the iPhone;

I sorta agree with this one - however Apple does have voice command , maybe Apple should allow Google on older iPhones pre 3Gs = Duplicating services does that create buggy possibilities ?
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Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 06:35 PM

Those are all really good, carp. You ought to post that on the comments section. Better do it while there's still room, or before he shuts down the criticism. laugh

Posted by: carp

Re: "The Case against Apple" - 08/11/09 06:54 PM

I would but I cannot back all of what I wrote up - Maybe Reboot or someone who can say for sure ?