Now this is interesting

Posted by: Mac007

Now this is interesting - 07/15/09 09:17 PM

If this story is true Microsoft is now going to open it's own stores right next to Apple's stores. I let you decide if the other claim is true.
Microsoft gloats!
Posted by: Lea

Re: Now this is interesting - 07/16/09 05:26 AM

Either it's a PR thingie or they really are dumber than a collection of sacks of hair. Begs they question ~ How much experience have they had in actually obtaining retail space? High end retail space? High end, high traffic retail space? Specifically next door to ________'s high end, high traffic retail space?

Better luck opening a used underwear store next door to Victoria's Secret. laugh

I bet that "unscripted" claim's gonna come back and bite somebody in the rear.

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Now this is interesting - 07/16/09 07:02 AM

They still don't factor in the cost of adding all the other bloatware you need to install for "security."
Posted by: carp

Re: Now this is interesting - 07/16/09 12:51 PM

Related article , MS running scared

phone call from Apple’s legal department asking that Microsoft cease airing the ads, due to recent aggressive price cuts by Cupertino that rendered the commercials out of date.

Seems to me Apple was trying to help MS out ?