2 Apple articles - interested in feedback

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2 Apple articles - interested in feedback - 06/23/09 07:09 PM

TheAppleBlog.com has posted my latest 2 articles, and I'm interested in any feedback you may have. Feel free to leave comments on the article page, or here:

Apple Retail Store Success: It Ain't Rocket Science

In May of 2001, Apple opened its first retail outlet store in Tysons Corner, Va. It was immediately met by critics and the typical roster of Apple-haters with predictions of doom and massive financial losses. Eight years later, Apple has more than 255 retail stores worldwide, and are the darling of the retail computer industry. So what makes them so successful?

What Will Apple Borrow Next?

Apple has a history of either buying apps or boldly copying features from developers and including them in OS X. So what borrowed features could we see next in OS X?
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Re: 2 Apple articles - interested in feedback - 06/23/09 08:44 PM

Good articles followed by lively discussions.

I might add that if I buy software or anything else from the Apple store, I first Google it to find the lowest price. Then I ask the store person if they have a matching agreement with that vendor. 9 times out of 10 they do and will cut they price of the item for sale to me! I love it! smile

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Re: 2 Apple articles - interested in feedback - 06/23/09 09:08 PM

Both great articles JD - bravo

I did not have anything to contribute to the "Whats Next" but Twitter integration is a good idea . I don't think should buy Twitter , I mean what for ? I would like to see Apple buy "Time Life" they seem to have great music collections with the original videos , be great for the iTunes Store

Apple Store; My Complaint
No matter what day of the week or time you go to a Apple Store here - Its always freaking packed to the gills , which makes the store extremely noisy laugh I know it's a good thing but Ghees . A crowed begets a larger crowed a natural human thing .

You could mention too that Apple One on One Lesson thing - That too draws a crowed Gheees . I kinda feel sorry for the person taking the lesson with 20 others stand over and asking questions - LOL
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Re: 2 Apple articles - interested in feedback - 06/23/09 09:25 PM

I don't see them building in twitter support any time soon, and if they do, it would likely be in iChat instead of Safari. You also forgot to mention them implementing text expanding capabilities. Text Expander just lost a lot of potential customers. (I'm still using the free "Textpander" version before they sold the app. Hopefully I'll be able to ditch it with snow leopard.

Things I could see them implementing.

1. More features from Quicksilver ...better keyboard app launching
2. A better password/secure info manager like 1Password (upgraded keychain)
3. Better app removal similar to AppZapper/AppCleaner
4. Full FTP support in the Finder.
5. better Dropbox like sync in mobileme
6. better control over burning discs (bye bye Toast overkill)
7. better font management
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Re: 2 Apple articles - interested in feedback - 06/24/09 01:33 AM

You're probably suffering the crowds due to the fact that you're on an island... not many options, I would imagine. I have 3 Apple Stores within 10 minutes of my house, plus 2 Apple-certified indy stores which have a pretty nice selection of Apple wares. I rarely see crowds that make it unpleasant to visit the stores, other than special launch nights, etc.

All 7 of those are great suggestions I would also love to see Apple put in the OS - especially Font and DiscBurning improvements.