9" iPod?

Posted by: yoyo52

9" iPod? - 12/31/08 05:13 AM

So says the rumor mill. At 9" that's almost like one of those little laptops . . . I forget what you call 'em.
Posted by: carp

Re: 9" iPod? - 12/31/08 07:31 PM

However, tablet PCs in the Windows world haven't sold very well, and the concept has almost completely fallen off the radar screen of the PC industry.

I kinda agree what would you use it for ?
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: 9" iPod? - 12/31/08 07:37 PM

Another 'Apple Tablet' rumor surffaces yet again! ?? Maybe. I know my grandson would love it for his game apps from the iTouch.

Apple has been experimenting internally with large form tablet devices for years, one source says, but there was concern that users wouldn’t like the device. The difference now is the iTunes app store, which has thousands of games and other applications that are perfect for a touch screen device with an accelerometer. Apple says more than 300 million applications have been downloaded since the App Store launched in July 2008. Combine the App Store, iTunes and a browser and you have one heck of a device.


Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: 9" iPod? - 12/31/08 09:14 PM

Hi Kate,
What I would like is to be able to use the AV cables from my Touch to the TV to play games.
I was kinda disappointed how limited the cables really are, video wise.
Here's hoping for a update that will allow the entire Touch interface to be displayed on a TV.