Apple to design own handheld chips

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Apple to design own handheld chips - 06/11/08 10:10 PM

"PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods," he said, ending speculation as to the precise motives behind the April buyout. The initial uncertainty stemmed from the fact that PA Semi was best know for chips based on IBM's Power technology, an architecture that Apple abandoned two years ago when it moved its Mac line of personal computers to Intel's architecture.<br><br>From the horses mouth<br><br>
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Re: Apple to design own handheld chips - 06/11/08 10:59 PM

The Mac will also benefit from PASs intellectual property as Jobs will demonstrate at MacWorld '09. His new mission is to make course corrections for both the Mac's operating system and the industry if possible.<br><br>OpenCL makes enormous sense and will prove to be one of those no-brainer decisions once the keynote is underway. This will be one of those technological waves that will lift all boats, especially if yours has more than one engine.<br><br>Currently, AMD/ATIs video cards' processing power is phenomenal and puts anything Intel has got going to shame and for the moment Apple is in Intel's court but if allowed to stand, the graphics card industry will continue to hog all of those ever-increasing gigaflops of unused processing power while shamelessly beating the pants of Intel.<br><br>Apple is going to propose a new standard in OpenCL and perhaps with the help of PAS, could develop both a hardware and software solution that will not only make more efficient use of multi-cores but will also tap the unharnessed power of the GPU. <br><br>It's a given that Snow will be a remarkably efficient and stable OS but their will be a plethora of open-ended hooks that will make full use of future versions of the Mac. <br><br>These hooks may as well be points on a compass because once they are revealed at future expos many industry insiders will have their moments of duh. <br><br>But not without a fight. In fact, we all know Microsoft has their own ideas about open-source and the future of the desktop computer platform, as does nVidia, and AMD, and Intel but Apple isn't standing around waiting for the others to see the light. <br><br>When Apple said Think different, they weren't saying Think! Stupid., they meant different but not at the expense of common sense, which is what I believe is one of Jobs' most unsung qualities.<br><br>Man, when you think about all of that corporate knowledge bundled up inside the PAS facilities and what they might be working on at the moment, is nothing compared to what they'll be demoing at MacWorld '13 if we can make it through Christmas '12.<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)
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Re: Apple to design own handheld chips - 06/12/08 02:35 PM

yeah but will they offer the jalapeno flavored ones ?<br><br>wow that's sounds really neat... if there's one thing I like better than my G5, it's my iPod and iPhone. <br><br>Man Apple technology rocks... doesn't hurt our stock outlook either <br><br>David (OFI)