One to One #4

Posted by: DLC

One to One #4 - 11/13/07 05:32 PM

I was traveling last week to take care of some business for my son in Big D. So I didn't have my weekend One to One and had to take it last night. <br><br>Last night was another "Productivity session" this time on Pages. One neat thing we did was dissect the templates in Pages to see how they're put together. (I had some experience with Pages so didn't need the basic stuff.) That dissection gives you some insight how to create your own. It was great. AND once you dissect them - you see though they're beautifully crafted, you gotta say "I can do this !". It was very enlightening.<br><br>I can now see that I doubt I'll use all 52 lessons... already missed 2 due to scheduling conflicts. BUT I figure if I use half- 26.... it's still an incredible deal. 26 hours - $99 !! I pay 10X that for guitar lessons.<br><br>I still highly recommend this to ALL .... but the most geeky Mac users ... gotta do one in iMovie soon.<br><br>David (OFI)