“One to One” session on PodCasting

Posted by: DLC

“One to One” session on PodCasting - 10/15/07 12:25 AM

Just completed my first “One to One” session on PodCasting. The rep at the Apple Store (Mall of GA) was Terry. He was very knowledgeable. He first got some background on my experience and then tailored the session based on my experience. So when I asked him questions – he asked me questions. Like “Where do you think you’d find that? How do you think you should proceed?” When I’d select the wrong answer – he’d give hints where to go or what to do next. It was pretty cool. I explained why I wanted to podcast my lectures, and we discussed different ways to get the audio into KeyNote and the export options. I can use iWeb to publish the podcast and even password protect it. (so the text book company doesn't come after me for randomly releasing their copyrighted material)<br><br>I go back next week for a few iWeb pointers and then after that advance KeyNote tricks. The cool thing is the session can cover several programs or services ... like today- KeyNote, QT, iWeb, .Mac .... it doesn't have to be a single item.<br><br>All this for $2 per week ($99 a year). Man is this cool, or “What” ??<br>They even give you a “One to One” Notebook your first time to keep notes for each session in. <br><br>IF any of you have Mac friends who want to learn more and unleash their creativity, OR you have PC friends thinking of converting, Apple’s “One to One” is a GREAT tool and experience. … and it’s cheap too !! <br><br>There is one downside for you though.... if your friends go to many sessions, you'll have to hustle to keep up with them ! <br><br>David (OFI)
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Re: “One to One” session on PodCasting - 10/15/07 12:32 AM

I picked up a One to One brochure at the Apple Store on Saturday to check it out. I would like to check out the Aperture one and movie making. I definately need to learn more in those areas.<br><br>The one thing that was kind of a let down with our Apple Store is the genius dept. My brother had a simple wireless question and AppleTV, but they couldn't answer it. They didn't even know that the AppleTV works with the N network. <br><br>
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Re: “One to One” session on PodCasting - 10/15/07 02:21 AM

I guess each store is different , but this one was pretty good... just opened about 3-4 weeks ago too. Luckily I live about 20 miles from 3 different stores... Mall of GA, Lenox, and Perimeter Mall, So I can go to any of them. Terry was pretty good. He answered every question except one. There was a button called "transparency" in one of the control windows and he wasn't sure what it was for.<br>Any clues?<br>Everything else - he nailed. In fact on many situations he'd say you can do it this way, or this way ... or this way (i.e. several options). Pretty cool. <br>I signed up with him for next week - but at noon instead of 1 PM.<br><br>I urge even seasoned Mac users to look into this incredible program.... well worth the $99, ... plus it was fun !!<br><br>David (OFI)