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Posted by: Trog

Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 06:55 PM

I've had a free Yahoo mail account for a few years now. I set it up as essentially a spam repository for when I order things online and end up on a mailing list. Then my 'real' email doesn't get the spam.<br><br>It worked well, I hardly ever receive spam to my personal or work related addresses, but sure enough, within a year the spam really started to hit the yahoo address hard. I considered dumping that address and just opening a new one (that was half the idea in the first place), but its not always that easy. I have a bunch of businesses that already have accounts with that address and although its not hard to change, its a pain in the butt.<br><br>Early this year Yahoo introduced two new features - bulk mail and spam reporting. Bulk mail is just one of those loose filters that takes obvious spam and dumps it into a different inbox... helpful but not near enough. The spam reporting allows you to forward any message as spam to Yahoo and they will "deal with it" somehow.<br><br>I have to admit that I had almost no confidence that the spam reporting would do any good, in fact I wondered if it wasn't a scheme to get people to respond and then send MORE spam (similar to 'remove from mailing list' schemes). But, since I could always just dump the address anyway I thought I'd give it a try.<br><br>I can't tell you what a difference it has made. It took a couple months to really show an effect, but slowly and surely the spam has disappeared. I still get quite a bit going into that 'bulk mail' bin, but it just gets automatically deleted. I now have maybe one spam mail every couple weeks, and this is with an address that I use for everything nonsecure.<br><br>No other point to this post other than I am shocked at the quality of service I'm getting from them for nothing other than a banner on the email page. It looks like they are improving it even more this week too.<br><br>
Posted by: DaddyMac

Re: Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 07:02 PM

Yeah, they HAVE improved it.<br><br><br><br>Now, instead of taking multiple steps to report the junk mail to yahoo, you can just select all the messages you want and hit 'spam', and it reports each and every one.<br><br>I'm like you, I love my Yahoo address. I sign up for almost everything with it now...<br><br>
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Re: Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 07:58 PM

As far as spam goes its BETTER than my POP mail because of this feature. has a nice junk mail filter protocol and the rules are great too, but it doesn't get to the source like this does. Hats off to Yahoo for doing something about it.<br><br>
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Re: Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 08:02 PM

and if you check your bulk mail folder, if there are any emails in there that are not spam, you can push the "not spam" button<br><br><br>My Stuff
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Re: Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 08:03 PM

There's actually a tip on about Yahoo mail and reading up on what it considers spam. If you forward its spam to your POP account, you can see something in the header that indicates it's been marked by Yahoo mail as junk.<br><br>
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Re: Yahoo Mail - 10/22/03 08:07 PM

I have a dummy account too (yahoo) for registering. I also have a professional account which I pay for. I LOVE the calendar in Yahoo. I schedule ALL my appointments on it. That way, no matter where I am, no matter what platform I'm on, I can always reference my appointments.<br><br>