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Posted By: MacBozo

AppleID question - 12/26/13 05:59 PM

Can one person have 2 Apple IDs? We need to establish one for my granddaughter's iPad Mini so that her free game downloads do not clog up my daughter's iPhone. My granddaughter is too young for her own Apple ID.
Posted By: steveg

Re: AppleID question - 12/26/13 06:54 PM

Looky here. This may be another way around it.
Posted By: Reboot

Re: AppleID question - 12/26/13 07:32 PM

You can have two IDs but it gets tricky when you download apps under both IDs, PIA in other words. You need to change the AppleID on the device before doing any updates, I recommend against it.

Why are you worried about her own ID? Just don't give her the password, she'll need that to download anything.
Posted By: KateSorensen

Re: AppleID question - 12/26/13 08:17 PM


I read the link information. My daughter and son-in-law have separate user logins on their Mac Mini. They also have separate Apple logins.

I told them they can back up and buy stuff on their own user accounts with their own Apple passwords and everything remains separate.

Am I right? Have I steered them properly and correctly?

Posted By: MacBozo

Re: AppleID question - 12/26/13 09:00 PM

She (my granddaughter) downloads free games from the App Store. Since her iPad is set up with my daughter's Apple ID, those games also attempt to download to my daughter's iPhone. She knows to ask if she wants anything that costs $. Their computer is an aging eMac and has become rather unreliable, so they pretty much depend on the iPhone, and now the iPad. My daughter has 2 email accounts, one that I set up years ago, and one she has through her ISP. Can she set up another Apple ID on the iPad using the other email addy?
Posted By: Reboot

Re: AppleID question - 12/27/13 06:47 AM

Originally Posted By: MacBozo
She (my granddaughter) downloads free games from the App Store.
They will still ask for a password to install even if they are free.
Can she set up another Apple ID on the iPad using the other email addy?
Yes. All it takes for a different Apple ID is a different email address.

She'll want to delete anything installed with the other addy and reinstall under the new one. She will lose any scores/data from the games BTW.
Posted By: John Rougeux

Re: AppleID question - 12/27/13 12:33 PM

We had that issue of whenever my son downloaded an app it would appear on my iPad. I fixed that.

Go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store.
Look at Automatic Downloads and deselect everything. Your daughter needs to do it on her iPhone.

And like Jim said, I would just keep it one ID. It will ask for password every time, free game or not.
Posted By: NucleusG4

Re: AppleID question - 12/27/13 02:08 PM

Yes.. like Jim said.. it will ask you for your password each and every time... whether free or paid.
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