Photo Stream ?

Posted by: MacBozo

Photo Stream ? - 10/18/11 09:25 PM

Has anyone enabled it in iPhoto/iCloud? It says it syncs all photos from the last 30 days to all of your devices. I only have the one Mini and sometimes I prefer not to have all photos synced/shared, so I haven't enabled that little feature. I am wondering if it allows photo sharing via URL, though (or is it simply for syncing to all of your iCloud enabled devices?).
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Photo Stream ? - 10/20/11 12:40 PM

It just syncs between devices - not web share.
Posted by: zwei

Re: Photo Stream ? - 10/20/11 10:18 PM

Yeah, from what I can tell it's all or nothing from the iOS devices. iPhoto is a bit different. You can selectively put things up on your photo stream by dragging pics to it. (the default is to have everything you download to your Mac upload ...which I quickly disabled)