Ouch: Netflix pwns internet traffic

Posted by: Ben Dover

Ouch: Netflix pwns internet traffic - 10/25/10 02:21 AM

This is ugly. The cloud won't work too well until network undercapacity gets addressed. Fiber optic can't keep up of course, and aint cheap - Europeans have started to go over to wireless ( apparently they feel the solar events problems are addressable/fixed/whatever ).

Netflix has been in the news lately due to several outages and a cause may have been found. It could be that the problem is Netflix itself. According to Sandvine, Netflix is responsible for 20.6% of all peak period traffic in North America. Be careful of success, it may be your undoing.

You may think of Netflix as that mail-order DVD business, but the company’s growth as an Internet video-on-demand (VoD) service has been explosive. Now, if only the Internet can keep up with the demand.

Posted by: trey

Re: Ouch: Netflix pwns internet traffic - 10/25/10 04:54 PM

I know I've been sucking up my share of bytes and bits from Netflix. I only just signed up a litle over a month ago, and only with the idea of copying a few DVDs here and there. But now I'm totally in love with the Instant Watch feature. The few things that I can't watch instantly, I'll put in my queue for hard copy... but that list only has like four things, as compared to my instant queue which has something like 70+ movies.

I guess I'm mostly getting concerts and the like from the hard copy queue.