Google Music

Posted by: Ben Dover

Google Music - 06/16/10 03:44 PM

OK, so it looks Google Music could launch as early as Fall, downloads and streaming/storage. Labels have jonesed a big reach alternative to iTunes for a long time, and I guess Google is ready to step up, as this fits their cloud desktop/devicetop/whatever.

Cool. Hopefully major labels will get a grip on figuring out what their business is. But, I'm sure they've noticed their data says albums are dead. So, I'd imagine albums ( except for some niches, such as Classical ) will eventually come up on the chopping block, therefore matriculation to an inevitable demise of the disk, the way these clowns think.

So, I hope these guys get it right and have a decent high-quality-audio lossless format, similar to Apple Lossless, along with the device-grade lossy formats, along with an agent sniffer perhaps, to simplify things, to download/stream the optimal device format.

Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: Google Music - 06/16/10 04:18 PM

Link to the article is here:;content

We'll see what Google brings. It is nice to have an alternative, but will it be as easy to use as iTunes?