Google Wave

Posted by: yoyo52

Google Wave - 01/02/10 09:31 PM

Just found out about Wave. I think I'm going to sign up for it to see what it can do.
Posted by: carp

Re: Google Wave - 01/02/10 10:03 PM

Great give us a review
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Google Wave - 01/02/10 10:26 PM

PM me and I'll send you an invite.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Google Wave - 01/02/10 10:32 PM

I sent off for one already, but I thanks you for the offer and will definitely PM.
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Google Wave - 01/02/10 11:07 PM

You'll get one more quickly if a current user adds you to his invite list.
Posted by: FSM

Re: Google Wave - 01/07/10 12:43 AM

the turn around time is a day or two now. i just received a new Google account from my university as we're switching to gmail and i applied for a Wave account and had the invite the next day.

on the other hand, i invited some friends with my main account and it took 2 - 3 days for my invite to them to go through. i suspect that Google is starting to ramp up trying to handle much bigger traffic and that anyone who applies is now being accepted quickly.

i plan to have all of the students in one of my online classes use Google Wave this semester. i am also prepared to abandon it quickly. heh.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Google Wave - 01/07/10 06:19 AM

I still haven't gotten the invite from Google, although I did get it from Antonio.
Posted by: FSM

Re: Google Wave - 01/08/10 02:40 AM

when you get an invite from another person, it seems like it takes a while before Google gives you invites to send out to others. when i got an invite from Google, the invites were included to send out and invite friends. do you have invites to send out?

and, i don't think you'll get the invite from Google if your account is already using it.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Google Wave - 01/08/10 12:04 PM

I've played with it, and still find myself wondering how or why I would use it. It seems to me, for now at least, that it's a great tool for the uber-geek, software developers, etc., but not much good for the average "Joe consumer."
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Google Wave - 01/08/10 06:14 PM

I think it would be useful for conferencing, in real time or not. But for everyday use . . . I agree with you, Giz.
Posted by: FSM

Re: Google Wave - 01/08/10 09:48 PM

i am doing some research with 2 colleagues and we are collecting data and trying to get some research written based upon the data being collected. we're finding Wave is extremely beneficial in this type of project-based collaboration as it saves us from having a zillion emails going back and forth with attachments here and there, etc. -- Wave allows us to have everything in one place and for discussions to take place pretty easily.

that being said, i think Wave is a bit slow for my preferences. hopefully that comes around pretty soon.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Google Wave - 01/08/10 09:50 PM

Yep . . . that definitely sounds like the kind of work that would make Wave really useful.