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Internet Radio Site - 11/16/05 06:05 AM

Anyone who hasn't seen it should take a look at this site:
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Re:Internet Radio Site - 11/16/05 12:28 PM

genius, but how do I get these stations into iTunes... :huh:
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Re:Internet Radio Site - 11/16/05 10:46 PM

There are links to buy each track from iTMS and Amazon. I think its the only way I'm afraid...
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Re:Internet Radio Site - 11/17/05 02:56 AM

yea, I love this service. I just wish I could pay and get a url to put in itunes, so I don't have to run it in the browser... But this rocks!
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Re:Internet Radio Site - 11/17/05 03:49 AM

Absolutely, hence my decision to share it here.

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Re:Internet Radio Site - 11/17/05 06:13 AM

I'm a fan of

You install their little app (its not actually a plugin for iTunes, but it works with it) and it keeps track of what you listen to. You can add friends etc and see what they've been listening to...

But the really cool part is that you build "neighbors", people who listen to similar music. They have some kind of liscensing worked out, so you have what's called "Neighbor Radio" where you can listen to music that your neighbors are listening to, provided they have it liscensed and online to stream. You can also enter the name or an artist and tell it to play you similar artists. For the radio features, you have to download their stand-alone player, but I don't think its that big of a deal.