Google AdSense?

Posted by: Acumowchek

Google AdSense? - 04/11/09 04:43 AM

So my company made me join Google AdSense to help generate traffic.

Now they are complaining that all the ads on OUR site link to all our competitors.
I tried to explain that the banner ads are directly related to the content on OUR page.
Somebody told them that we can block certain ads by entering the url to their site.
So now they have me doing that.
One by one.
I tried to explain they will only be replaced by another competitors ad.

And the response is… Wait for it…


Hey, at least it's job security! sick
Posted by: FSM

Re: Google AdSense? - 04/11/09 02:24 PM

i keep meaning to ad Google Ad Sense to my blog as i get about 500 visitors a month, but something tells me i won't make any money and i'll end up spending hours trying to figure it out. in any regard, good luck.

Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Google AdSense? - 04/11/09 03:40 PM

Actually, it was very simple to set up.
After all these years, I still only know basic HTML (just ask Reboot :D).
Memorizing code just does not appeal to me.
You really should check it out.
Posted by: zwei

Re: Google AdSense? - 04/12/09 04:40 PM

It's not hard to set up ...the only thing you should be aware of is that you don't get paid until you reach $100.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Google AdSense? - 04/14/09 02:25 PM

With 500 visitors a month, it's not worth the 5 minutes of effort to set it up... you won't make a dime.
Posted by: FSM

Re: Google AdSense? - 05/02/09 01:56 PM

i have about 75 students in any given semester. they visit my site often so i get many hits, but there are probably only about 100 unique IPs coming in. do they count unique IPs or just how many visits you get?
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Google AdSense? - 05/06/09 08:07 PM

It's all based on how many visitors you get vs. how many of them click on ads. It also depends on how much each advertiser pays for clicks.

For instance you could have a day where only 5 people visit and only 1 clicks on an ad and you make $1.00. You could also have a day where you have 5,000 visitors and 150 of them click on an ad but you only make $0.10.

The key is volume though. You have to get a ton of visitors and a lot of clicks to make any money.

You might be better off going with Text-Link-Ads. They pay a flat monthly fee for text-link ads placed on your site, regardless of how many clicks you get. The key (again) though is you have to have a higher-rated/volume site in order for anyone to want to place an ad on your site to begin with. They use Alexa and Google rankings to figure out a "value" for your site.