SJ on MobileMe

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SJ on MobileMe - 08/05/08 01:24 PM

He ain't happy, nosireebob<br><br>[color:red]&#63743;</font color=red> [color:orange]&#63743;</font color=orange> [color:yellow]&#63743;</font color=yellow> [color:green]&#63743;</font color=green> [color:blue]&#63743;</font color=blue> [color:purple]&#63743;</font color=purple>
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Re: SJ on MobileMe - 08/05/08 01:42 PM

Is this proof that the online journalist that said Apple can't work on multiple things at once like Microsoft can is actually true? Lol. <br><br>Too many lives they've spent across the ocean. Too much money been spent upon the moon. Well, until they make it right, I hope they never sleep at night. They better make some changes and do it soon. -Things Goin' On/Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Re: SJ on MobileMe - 08/05/08 01:57 PM

Oh I think they can do multiple things, but just not 6-7 things at once.<br>The good thing is they are learning from this so less likely to repeat.<br><br>David (OFI)
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SJ gives a shout out to Droogie - 08/05/08 02:26 PM

the essence of what he said is that droogie was 100% correct. <br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>
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Re: SJ on MobileMe - 08/06/08 02:53 AM

Like I said I sure would NOT want to be the guy who headed the MobileMe original team<br><br>[color:blue]and has even reorganized the MobileMe team. For one, the entire group will now report to Eddy Cue</font color=blue> - either a step down or shiit canned<br><br>In a corporate structure you always wanna give the CEO a rosy report - but if you are not going to make it you better raise the Red Flag early and document everything - Jobs is only acting on gleaming reports from the minions that its all ready to go green.<br><br>