Gmail sign-in alert: WTF?

Posted by: Phosphor

Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 09:04 PM

Does anybody else have these pop-ups appear on their desktops?<br><br><img src= border=1 align=left hspace=8>I have 2 Gmail accounts, and a notifier for each one in my menu bar. They check my accounts constantly. I click to go to my Gmail Inbox...and I get there, no problem. I don't use the calendar service.<br><br>So, WHY do I get these alert pop-ups? The timing of their appearance seems completely random. Weeks will go by and I won't get one, then I'll get 2 in a week.<br><br>Anybody know what's going on?<br><br>"This is not here."
Posted by: trey

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 09:23 PM

Maybe it's just meant to make sure you haven't accidentally left your account logged in on a public computer?<br><br>
Posted by: Phosphor

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 09:42 PM

I'm not sure I follow you, Trey.<br><br>Oh, and something else about these pop-ups.<br><br>Sometimes it'll take 10 to 15 hits on the "Cancel" button or mashes on the "ESC" key to make it stop reappearing.<br><br>That's odd behavior as well. First time I saw this, I was concerned that it was something...<br><br><Lucky Charms' leprechaun><ol>"...spoofily malicious!"[/LIST]</Lucky Charms' leprechaun><br><br>"This is not here."
Posted by: trey

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 10:24 PM

I use Google Browser Sync, and it'll periodically pop up a password thingie similar to that just to ensure that it's me at the helm and not some other jerk.<br><br>
Posted by: G4Dualie

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 11:17 PM

I have a few gmail accounts and have never seen this happen. Of course I'm not using the notifier any more. Have you tried living without the Notifier application or refining its notices?<br><br>From Google's site:<br><br>Selective notifications with the Google Notifier<br><br>If you've set up a filter to label certain messages, you can also set the Google Notifier to alert you only when those messages arrive. Just run this command from the Terminal:<br><br>defaults write Label -string "INSERT_LABEL_NAME"<br><br>For example, if you only want to receive notifications for mail labeled 'ImportantStuff,' you would enter the following: <br><br>defaults write Label -string "ImportantStuff" <br><br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)
Posted by: ichi

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 11:32 PM

i too have several accounts and have never seen this.<br><br>therefore believe it is due to something extraneous to gmail, e.g.. i use no notifiers. (btw i am always logged on to the last account used on my pc.)<br><br><br><br>"fly peacock, fly."<br><br>[color:red]Libertarian Communist</font color=red>
Posted by: Phosphor

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 11:38 PM

I don't run, nor have any use for (presently, anway) any type of AutoSync functions.<br><br> These alerts appear randomnly, and not in conjunction with the arrival of any mail in my Gmail accounts.<br><br> I don't get a whole lot of mail to my Gmail account, and the Notifiers work just as I expect, and as I want them to.<br><br>So, I'm at a loss to explain these "Sign-In" prompts.<br><br>Time to dig through the Gmail Google groups, I guess. I was just looking for someone who might corroborate the pop-ups.<br><br>"This is not here."
Posted by: ChrisN

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/15/08 11:54 PM

Never had one, until today. I use Notifier with my Gmail account and only sign in once every few weeks to clear out the inbox. I also use Mail to check my Gmail and don't get that much Gmail really. <br><br>After reading your post, I Used Notifier to go to my Inbox, no pop-up yet, cleared out the unwanted messages and archived a couple, closed that browser page. About ten minutes later (probably the next time it checked for mail), got the Notifier pop-up. First time ever and I've been using Notifier for many months and months. Must be something new? As Trey said, security measure?<br><br>Chris<br><br><a href=""target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Posted by: Phosphor

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/16/08 12:45 AM

I'm not sure HOW new, though, Chris.<br><br>I got my first one at least 4, maybe 6 months ago.<br><br>"This is not here."
Posted by: Jashue

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/16/08 04:42 PM

Chris et al...<br><br>I'm curious about the GMail notifier thing. I glanced over the info on Google's site and other then being able to flag for the user specific messages which one might deem more important than the rest, I see little use for such a program. Gmail has become my primary email account, and I have Apple's Mail app configured to work with it. It checks for new mail every five minutes and I'm notified by sound as well as an amended Mail App icon in doc with tells me exactly how many unread emails I've received. Pretty cool!<br><br>Am I missing something?<br><br>
Posted by: GingerBreadMan

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/16/08 04:56 PM

It's probably a keychain thing.<br><br>I hate keychain and think it stinks. Anytime I store passwords in the keychain, the keychain barfs once in awhile and asks me for the passwords again.<br><br>[color:blue]"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin</font color=blue>
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/16/08 05:21 PM

Through a quick Googling I found that this happens to others and saw a mention that it may be a cookie problem. Clear out any google cookies maybe?<br><br>------> JD's Trivia game<br><br>------> MCF-MM Trivia game
Posted by: ChrisN

Re: Gmail sign-in alert: WTF? - 02/17/08 05:32 AM

Google Calendar is integrated with Google Notifier which is why I use it. It's a quick and easy way to access Google Calendar and create events from the menu bar. I have Google Calendar set to notify me via text messages sent to my cell phone for calendar events - appointments and reminders and such, really handy. Google Notifier also also notifies with a pop-up on the computer screen (or email) for calendar events. <br><br>Chris<br><br><a href=""target="_blank"></a> <br><br>