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Posted by: Topper

Google Experimental Search - 02/07/08 07:56 PM

Google has a new experimental search engine called Google Experimental Search.<br>I am using it. It's not overly great as yet but you may want to try it or not.<br>You can try it here<br><br>This is what it looks like...<br>In the first image I show the "Timeline view" search.<br>In the second image I show the "Info view" search but I have a filter for the Dates on the right side.<br>(I added the black border to try to differentiate between the two images)<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Topper

Re: Google Experimental Search - 02/07/08 08:05 PM

The Google Experimental Search that I showed you is called ďAlternate views for search results.<br><br>There are four others called:<br>Keyword suggestions<br>Keyboard shortcuts<br>Left-hand search navigation<br>Right-hand contextual search navigation<br><br>
Posted by: Piper_14

Re: Google Experimental Search - 02/08/08 11:54 AM

Neat. I'm not sure I'll be using it on a daily basis, but it may be useful in the future, like when putting together reports, etc.<br><br><br>My Wii: 5721 8516 7937 9434 (PM me if you Wii)