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Posted by: yoyo52

Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 04:39 PM

Yahoo just changed its default home page and I hate the new format. Why do they have to mess with this stuff??<br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 04:44 PM

What's so different?<br><br><br><br><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 05:08 PM

For one thing, it's got this obnoxious ad right up on top. The personal portfolio utility now won't show money market mutual fund balances. The map utility now gives you a default that gives you travel path from your home address--so if you want to find a map of Portland Maine, you first get a road map from your home town to Portland. The mail link used to be discreetly at the top of the page and would show you how much mail you had. Now Mail is part of the "Personal Assistant" utility, which takes up gobs of screen real estate, or part of "My Quick Links" which either takes up gobs of real estate or folds up so you can't get to the mail without clicking twice.<br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 05:46 PM

here's a page describing changes: <a href=""></a><br><br>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 07:16 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Why do they have to mess with this stuff??<p><hr></blockquote><p>My sentiments, too. I tried their new page and went back to my old one.<br><br>Old farts, the hidden caulk of civilization. Jim Atkinson<br>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 07:28 PM

How do you go back, drjohn? The help page says there's a link at the bottom of the new page that allows you to go back to the older version--but I don't see it.<br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 07:53 PM

It was a while ago that I looked at the new page. I fooled with it a little and there was a link to switch back. Presently, all I see is a link, "Switch to My Yahoo Beta", and I'm not going to try it again there might be no returning, it seems. <br><br>Old farts, the hidden caulk of civilization. Jim Atkinson<br>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 07:56 PM

done right and highly customizable: <a href=""></a><br><br>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/09/07 10:08 PM

I tried the Google page for a while (for the same reasons most are posting here in this thread, the new MyYahoo kinda stinks), but its too slow for me. <br><br>All the modules are very individual and have different loading speeds. I found that fairly often half the page would load quickly and some of the other components would lag. I also think it is butt-ugly. Even being more customizable the page seems pretty hideous in all forms.<br><br>It bothered me enough that I went back to Yahoo. Most of the things about the beta don't bother me too much anymore.<br><br>And now that I'm used to the beta, the link to "switch to original MyYahoo" works again. <br><br>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/10/07 05:47 AM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>For one thing, it's got this obnoxious ad right up on top. <p><hr></blockquote><p>I don't see any ad...<br><br><br><br>CreativeGuy for daily tips, tricks and commentary on all things graphic design.
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/10/07 06:27 AM

i have a big ad on the right side. but everything i want seems to be a click away instead of right here (or at least a mouseover away):<br><br><img src="" width="550" height="370" alt="yahoo" /><br><br>and even though google is "ugly" it's all about function to me. the more i can see quickly set to exactly what i want to see (e.g., my google calendar, digg, times and post headlines, 43 folders, BBC, elearning, etc., the more efficient i can be in quickly reviewing things when i check my start page. plus, the bus stop characters and weather are set to show my current weather. heh.<br><br><img src="" width="550" height="370" alt="google" /><br><br>
Posted by: Pete

Re: Yahoo :p - 10/10/07 07:34 AM

Yahoo Plus Mail now has the option to select a color scheme as well - *that* I actually like.<br><br><br>[color:purple]Work With ____! </font color=purple>
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Re: Yahoo :p - 10/10/07 07:39 AM

What the Spaghetti Monster said. Here's mine:<br><br><br><br><br>&#63743; &#63743; &#63743; &#63743;