A fast hosting service

Posted by: OSXaddict

A fast hosting service - 05/21/06 02:34 AM

First time I have heard of this company was tonight. They are host to another forum I visit. Pretty darn fast.<br><br>Anyone else heard of https://www.asmallorange.com/ ?<br><br>
Posted by: Morom

Re: A fast hosting service - 05/22/06 07:39 PM

I saw their signup page has been disabled. I guess they are pretty good if they have to limit the amount of signups they have per day. Or at least that is what they want you too believe.<br><br>Either way, they are using the cPanel for a backend interface, which is a really good system.<br><br>----<br>Stupidity is like nuclear power. It can be used for good or evil.... and you don't want to get any on you.