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YAHOO!!! I'M RICH! - 02/05/06 07:49 PM

<br><br><br>FROM MIKE WILLIAMS<br>Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire<br>Tel: 22507408348<br><br><br><br>Dear Friend,<br><br>Please I am Mr mike williams, the only son of Late Chief Richard williams from Sierra Leone. I am writing you in Absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to transfer our money, eight million, eight hundred thousand dollars (US$8,800,000.00) my late father deposited in my favour<br>as next of kin in a custody of a BANK here in Abidjan to your private account pending our arrival to your country.<br><br>SOURCE OF THE MONEY<br>My father late, Chief Richard williams, a native of Mende district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, was the general Manager of Sierra Leone mining Corperation (S.L.M.C.) Freetown. According to my Father, this money was the income accrued from mining corporations over draft and minor sales. Before the peak of the civil war between the rebels forces of major Paul Koroma and the combined forces of ECOMOG peace-keeping force that almost destroyed my country, following the forceful removal from power of the Civilian Elected President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah by the rebels.<br><br>My father had already made arrangement for his family, my mother, my little sister and myself to be evacuated to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire with our personal effects. My father deposited the fund for the safe custody until after the war when he will join us. During the war in my country, and following the indiscriminate lootin of public and Government properties by the rebel forces,the Sierra Leone mining coperation Was one of the targets looted and destroyed.<br><br>My father including other top Government functionaries were attacked and killed by the rebels in November 2004 because of his good relationship with the civilian Government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. As a result of my father death, and with the news of my Uncles involvement in air crash in<br>January, dashed our hope of survival. The untimely deaths caused my mothers heart failure and other related complications of which she later died in the hospital h ere after several months she<br>suffered after we must have spent a lot of money on her.<br><br>Now my 19-year-old sister and I are alone in this strange country suffering without any care or help. Without any relation, we are now like refugees and Orphans. Our only hope now is on this money our father deposited in the BANK in my favour as next of kin. I have visited the bank with all the related vital deposit papers and it was approved by the bank. I humbly solicit for your assistance in the followings ways. To assist me to transfer this money to your bank account as my late<br>father's business associate.<br><br>1)To transfer this money in your name to your country<br>2)To make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country and you as the caretaker.<br>3)To arrange for residence visa and for me and little sister to further our education.<br>4)And to make arrangement for our travel with you to your country after our money transferred into y our account. The whole deposit documents issued the bank, issued to my late father is in my custody.<br><br>For your assistance, I and my sick sister were offering you 20% of this money to you for your assistance. Please call me as soon as you receive this mail. I am anxiously<br>waiting for your call.<br><br>Best regards<br><br>mike williams.<br><br> <br><br>
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So what are you going to do with your share of the money?<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)<br><br>[color:red]"Freedom's untidy. And free people are free to commit mistakes, and to commit crimes and do bad things." Donald Rumsfeld</font color=red>
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<br>Finance A Coup! <br><br><br><br><br>
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You lucky dawg!<br><br>[color:red][b] "Get a better VISTA with OS X!"[b]</font color=red>
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<br>LOL Do you believe that tripe is still making the rounds? <br><br><br><br>
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Used to be Nigeria. I guess they had to relocate.<br><br>
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Simply<br>They are finding suckers and just that they moved up town so to speak <br><br>
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<br><br>Who ya' gonna call? <br><h1>[color:red]HOAXBUSTERS</font color=red></h1><br><br><br>