gmail weird feature ....

Posted by: cesrivas

gmail weird feature .... - 01/21/06 11:13 PM

I noticed this gmail weird feature but I did think I made a mistake and forget about it....<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> <br><font size=+1>Am I receiving someone else's email?</font><br><br><br>Gmail doesn't recognize dots (.) as characters within a username. This way, you can add and remove dots to your username for desired address variations. messages sent to and are delivered to the same inbox, since the characters in the username are the same.<br><br>Keep in mind that hyphens (-) and underscores (_) can't be used in a Gmail address.<br><br>If you created your account with a dot in your username and you wish you hadn't, you can change your 'Reply-to address.' To change your reply-to address:<br><br> 1. Click 'Settings' at the top of any Gmail page.<br> 2. Enter your without a dot in the 'Reply-to address' field.<br> 3. Click 'Save Changes.' <br><br>When you log in to Gmail, you need to enter any dots that were originally defined as part of your username.<br><br><br><br>----<br>:) "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck." - Obi-Wan Kenobi
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Re: gmail weird feature .... - 01/21/06 11:58 PM

I've gotten mail meant for someone else in my gmail account. I only check it occasionally, but other than we share some similar parts in our name, I don't know why I get their mail. <br><br>Old farts, the hidden caulk of civilization. Jim Atkinson
Posted by: Michael

Re: gmail weird feature .... - 01/22/06 12:11 AM

You ever hear the expression you get what you pay for? <br><br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: gmail weird feature .... - 01/22/06 05:14 AM

Sure..but then there's also the expression "Sometimes you don't get what you pay for." <br><br>
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Re: gmail weird feature .... - 01/22/06 08:54 PM

shall we talk stocks?<br><br>Earth, food, water, fuel, tech, entertainment or human/war stocks?<br>Hand on Bible or Bible Pslams 82:6<br>and disregard the rest.<br><br>Trick is to realize<br>if it bleeds<br>it's human, not supernatural<br><br>