MSN, Yahoo censoring blogs for Chinese mob.

Posted by: TheGreatDivide

MSN, Yahoo censoring blogs for Chinese mob. - 06/17/05 03:45 PM

"The following statement was recently received from Reporters Without Borders. It deals with issues of freedom and the freedom to blog and read blogs in China. It raises some important issues and is worth the read. Or not. You decide. Here's the statement:<br><br> Reporters Without Borders said this week it is [color:red]disgusted to find that Microsoft was censoring the Chinese version of its blog tool, MSN spaces, the system automatically rejecting words including "democracy" and "Dalai Lama". "Following Yahoo!, here is a second American Internet giant giving way to the Chinese authorities and agreeing to self-censorship", the worldwide press freedom organization said. "The lack of ethics on the part of these companies is extremely worrying. Their management frequently justifies collaboration with Chinese censorship by saying that all they are doing is obeying local legislation.</font color=red><br><br> "Does that mean that if the authorities asked Microsoft to provide information about Chinese cyberdissidents using its services that it would agree to do so, on the basis that it is "legal"? <br><br>Reporters Without Borders wondered. "We believe that this argument does not hold water and that these multinationals must respect certain basic ethical principles, in whatever country they are operating."<br><br>-<br>ready set <br>revolt.<br>BLOODSHED ON THE MIND<br>time is nigh<br>all your false idols melting<br>when we all go <br>we'll go down fighting<br><br>one can only guess who's selling we the people out now<br>one mos def knows who's to blame for the imbalance though<br><br>X
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Re: MSN, Yahoo censoring blogs for Chinese mob. - 06/17/05 10:37 PM

Yeah, heard about this. I like your choice of words in calling the Chinese rulers as "mob". Interesting way of looking at it. I don't know, I guess this bothers me, but it is better for people to get access to these services than not at all. It will only make some people more mindful if they have the guts to look for such words (and worry about whether such failed searches are traced), and it will only make people more aware of their government's censorship if they do search for these words.<br><br>