gmail new feature ...

Posted by: cesrivas

gmail new feature ... - 03/31/05 03:19 AM

... rich text ... now, you can format your gmails... <br><br>----<br>:)
Posted by: iRock

Re: gmail new feature ... - 03/31/05 03:22 AM

Hey cool. I haven't checked mine yet today. Thanks<br><br>
Posted by: cesrivas

Re: gmail new feature ... - 03/31/05 03:41 AM

I think I will stick with plain text.... plain text is SO cool! =)<br><br>----<br>:)
Posted by: sean

Re: gmail new feature ... - 03/31/05 04:14 AM

i agree. i hate HTML emails, but i am undecided on RTF. hmmm. i guess it depends on how my zillion co-workers see my RTF messages using their novell groupwise email clients. i am not holding my breath. <br><br>--<br>Straw-man rhetorical techniques are the practice of refuting weaker arguments than one's opponents offer. 2 "set up a straw man" or "set up a straw-man argument" is 2 create a position easily refuted, then attribute that position to your opponent.