.Mac and Home folder question

Posted by: OSXaddict

.Mac and Home folder question - 09/28/04 11:53 PM

Address Book, iChat and Safari?<br><br>My .Mac expires either in 5 or 4 days, depending on which page of .Mac you look at. I hate to lose that function of iSync. If I make sure my Home folder is saved and then use that when I do a clean install of Tiger, will I get back all of my old Address Book entries, iChat settings, and Safari bookmarks?<br><br>And..will I lose the whole function of iCal? (Mainly the internet based entries....like holidays, etc)<br><br>
Posted by: Lori

Re: .Mac and Home folder question - 09/29/04 01:27 AM

John, your post is confusing to me. but, I will try to answer you...ha<br>Your home folder contains all the info you want to save, everything you have done and put into your Mac (except the applications) Nothing will be lost when you install Tiger. For ical, all will be saved along with the subscriptions to any other ical calendars (holiday one for example)<br>All .mac does is save the bookmarks, calendar info, etc on .mac in case you are on a different computer and want to access the information...or if you want to sync another computer to get that information. It is like a copy of what you have on your mac already.<br><br><br>For Mike
Posted by: Bryan

Re: .Mac and Home folder question - 09/29/04 02:51 AM

I am in the same boat..<br><br>Go to the .Mac preference pane in system preferences, tell it to make a local synchronized copy on your hard drive, then once thats done, go uncheck that box, and it will make you a tidy disk image on your desktop with everything in it for safekeeping. <br><br>