.Mac email aliases

Posted by: leenoble

.Mac email aliases - 08/04/04 09:46 AM

Where? how? I did a search and went to all the obvious places I can't find this piece of information anywhere. Has anybody verified this information?<br><br>
Posted by: leenoble

Re: .Mac email aliases - 08/04/04 09:48 AM

Ok, found it. You have to go into preferences on the web mail pages.<br><br>
Posted by: JohnR

Re: .Mac email aliases - 08/04/04 09:54 AM

yes, it's true. Go to .mac and check this out:<br><br><br><br><br><br>"You mean they're taking the thoughts we think we thought and making them thoughts we think we thought... I think." - Patrick
Posted by: zwei

Re: .Mac email aliases - 08/04/04 01:24 PM

cool, eh?<br><br>