Wierd happening

Posted by: iraszl

Wierd happening - 11/22/03 05:07 PM

Every post in the Lounge only except the ones I read in the morning, became unread. Really strange. Never happened before.<br><br>[color:blue]Um cumin' fo ya!</font color=blue>
Posted by: walzuhair

Re: Wierd happening - 11/23/03 09:51 AM

Happened with me before, and my problem was reading MM posts from 2 different browsers/computers without quitting. Just quit the browser when you're done and it will be fixed.<br><br><br>Waleed's Gallery
Posted by: iraszl

Re: Wierd happening - 11/23/03 10:09 AM

ah, ok thanks<br><br>[color:blue]Um cumin' fo ya!</font color=blue>