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Forum boards - 05/25/02 09:19 AM

Hey Stan,<br><br>I was just thinking. Wonder if it's possible to rearrange the forum. Put OS X Diner, Tips and Tricks and Tech Support into one forum. Would make things clean. 3 forums:<br><br>1. The Mac Local - Dealing with everything Mac. Apps, problems, tips, news, recent stories, etc.<br><br>2. The Lounge - Well, duh! ;-p<br><br>3. Site and Forums - Suggestions, problems, questions, etc.<br><br>And I suggested a Design forum a while back. Boy, we needed to cut down the number of forums, not increase them.<br><br>--<br>I am Dyslexic of Borg. Fusistance is retile. Your a$$ will be laminated.
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Re: Forum boards - 05/25/02 03:15 PM

Something we have been talking about here as well Vijay. Anyone else have thoughts on this?<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Stan
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Re: Forum boards - 05/26/02 09:21 PM

I agree with Vijay.<br><br>The number of forums should be kept simple and down to a few. I feel what makes a great forum has to be the amount of posters it recieves "traffic" is the key. With many forums in place would simply mean that posters will have to divide their time between them.<br><br>What kills a forum to me is that you post a question and it will then be hours or days before you get an response, that delay = dead forum to me. Adding lots of special forums like OSX, Hardware, Software or even a design forum is pointless. Gather all those people in one room is the means to having a great forum, the responses to a question would be instant because people are aready there to answer and not roaming around checking other forums.<br><br>Just my opinion.<br><br>
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Re: Forum boards - 05/26/02 09:32 PM

I'm with Vijay....I would almost go so far as to say we only need 2....Tech Forum and Lounge. <br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Forum boards - 05/26/02 10:10 PM

I think you should get rid of all the forums except the Lounge and a "Support/Discussion" forum for any Mac-related chit-chat.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: Forum boards - 05/26/02 11:08 PM

What they said... fewer is better.<br><br>I think I would put everything in one for now and if it ever gets to the point that tech stuff is getting lost in the chit chat... separate the two at that time.<br><br>
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One forum - 05/26/02 11:51 PM

ONE..<br><br>:-)<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: One forum - 05/27/02 12:02 AM

Why not? That's basically how it was at MC when things were at their best. Everyone hung out at the General Discussion forum. Then they added others but the regulars even asked if they could still ask for help in General Discussion and that remained the main hang out for years. The additional categories were always neglected due to lack of traffic.<br><br>If it weren't for the latest split... I would guess it would still be that way.<br><br>
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Re: Forum boards - 05/28/02 02:39 PM

yes, I'd agree, fewer is better... no real need for all of these forums. one for mac questions. one for a lounge, and one for site suggestions/questions would be plenty, IMO.<br><br>john<br><br>Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.<br>-- Aaron Levenstein
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Re: One forum - 05/29/02 08:43 PM

King Lear's Regan goes one better: "What need one?" <br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
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Re: One forum - 06/02/02 03:28 PM

Well, as the new kid, I like the three forums idea the best. I'm in a different mind set when I'm heading into a tech support forum (head in, scan the headlines to see if I can help, get out) versus the discussion forum (long-winded, rambling, "gosh, will he ever get to the point" posts, etc). So I think the three works for me. {smile]<br><br>
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Re: Forum boards - 08/02/02 09:33 PM

I disagree; some people don't want to look through troubleshooting crap when they want to talk about OSX, and vice versa. I don't want to have to search through mounds of crap for something that I find interesting. <br><br>stop that vesch before I viddy over and smash you something horrorshow
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Forum boards - 08/08/02 08:10 PM

You lose!<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 02:14 AM

I think we only need Mac OS X, Design (A new one about mac design stuff like photoshop, etc.) and Member's Lounge and tech nd programming and Other Questions and the PC hate section and the what happened at work toay section and the love connection section, the place to go when you need afriend section and four more got any ideas on these four?<br><br>Peace, Late, Skate<br><br>~Steve~
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Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 03:19 AM

hahaha... <br><br><br>"In the old days, you'd finish a day's work and announce, 'I'm done.' Nobody ever does that now. There's never enough time." -- Elliott Masie
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Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 03:30 AM

was that a "your funny" hahaha... or a "sarcastic i hate you" hahaha...?<br><br>Peace, Late, Skate<br><br>~Steve~
Posted by: johnengler

Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 04:01 AM

it was a hahaha... you're funny for suggesting those forums...<br><br>we'be already been down that road here... less is better.<br><br>"In the old days, you'd finish a day's work and announce, 'I'm done.' Nobody ever does that now. There's never enough time." -- Elliott Masie
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Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 05:05 AM

If there were a love connection section, my wife would disconnect the DSL modem on me <br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
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Re: Forum boards - 08/09/02 08:30 PM

hahaha!<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: Forum boards - 08/12/02 06:51 AM

Agree, one is enough. Max. 2: chit-chat and support.<br><br>
Posted by: Entish

Re: Forum boards - 08/12/02 09:51 AM

I don't really care how many forums or threads there are. I just look at the recent posts .. If there is nothing going on, I vamoose.<br>If it is a dead thread no one will have commented in it.<br>and vice versa.<br>However I do pay a lot of attention to thread titles. If the tread title contains no useful info on its contents .. well, there is not going to be any content either.<br>In the same fashion, I only read email headers and sort the guff at that level.<br>If they do not address the email to me or if the header is not something that I recognize as a subject of interest to me or if the author/sender is completely unknown, a set of numbers or no name at all... This kind of stuff just gets trashed, never downloaded. <br> <br>So you see it does not matter how many subsections you invite comment in,in fact the more choices the more posts, the more gravel to pick the diamonds out of. <br><br>The readers or at least I, am only going to read those subjects which are to my mind worth bothering waiting for the browser to load. <br>If no ones post gets answered they should not think "oh what a dead forum", or "no one cares"..<br><br>drivel.. <br><br>Instead they should go, nudge their own post with their toe and sniff the air, for that odour of decay.<br><br>
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Re: Forum boards - 08/14/02 01:42 AM

yeah but I read every post that is new when i get home which is annoying because sometimes there is like 60 so thats me I dont just not read the uninteresting ones<br><br>Peace, Late, Skate<br><br>~Steve~