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Posted By: neil

Server Updated - 01/21/20 05:10 AM

Hi, having a ton of problems with the previous version of ubb. Have just updated it -- but it's being a pain, and there may be issues.
But, it's up again now. Yes, looks different for the moment.
Posted By: Celandine

Re: Server Updated - 01/24/20 01:47 AM

Looks Different...and ACTS Different...

When you find the time
If it's possible to get back the WYSIWYG Controls
[b],[video:youtube], [quote] etc.
it would certainly make posting far more simple. smile

Thank You, Neil

duh..just realized what I'm asking for IS UBB blush you were...
Posted By: neil

Re: Server Updated - 01/24/20 07:08 AM

Not sure where that setting is ... anyone have an idea of what ubb setting does this?
Posted By: Celandine

Re: Server Updated - 01/24/20 04:34 PM

Sorry Neil,
I've never set up a Forum before...
I tried to access the HELP feature @ the top of the page
that usually offers a lot of UBB Code information
but alas, that too is gone (brings up a Blank Page)

AH! When I used the "QUICK REPLY Option"
It brought up the familiar WYSIWYG Buttons laugh

I can only Post from QUICK REPLY..
but I can use EDIT which brings up the UBB WYSIWG Buttons

The bottom of the page says "UBB is Enabled"
Indeed, everything is there... so hang in there..
it's just a matter of setting it up properly
with a lil' help from your friends wink

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