Not to worry

Posted by: KateSorensen

Not to worry - 11/13/12 08:16 PM


No biggie. It hasn't happened to me in a very long time, but just now I had my main forum menu go berserk with large numbers of unread posts to read in every forum.

Logging out and logging in made it revert back to the actual number of posts I have not yet read today.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: Not to worry - 11/14/12 01:18 AM

I can recreate the same issue probably 100% of the time by starting a Reply to a post, going away from the Reply's tab/window in my browser for a while, then coming back and finishing the reply. I don't know for sure what the time frame is for how long the Reply window must be open to create the issue, seems something like maybe 30 minutes or so.

It's always done that BTW. I believe I checked it with both Safari and Firefox. It's probably a cookie issue. Like you said no big deal though.
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Re: Not to worry - 11/15/12 10:02 PM

Kewl. I might have to try that. smile
Posted by: Mike

Re: Not to worry - 11/16/12 08:57 PM

What's the time limit for deleting a post?
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Not to worry - 11/16/12 10:50 PM

Apparently, 5 seconds before you realize you need to change it! eek
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Not to worry - 11/16/12 11:32 PM

Originally Posted By: Mike
What's the time limit for deleting a post?
I don't know if you can delete the whole post but there is some kind of time limit on editing. If you double post or want it moved or something PM me, I can take care of it, no time limit for me on editing, deleting or moving.

Although if you just decide you shouldn't have said something, think twice next time. grin
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Not to worry - 11/21/12 04:20 PM

You should be able to edit/delete a post for any amount of time, unless someone responds to it... then it's set in stone unless Jim fiddles with it.