UBB v8?

Posted by: padmavyuha

UBB v8? - 08/31/12 01:05 AM

Hi, I'm just wondering whether you have plans to update to UBB v8 (when it happens), as Tapatalk will probably be supporting that version, which would make this forum way easier to negotiate on phones smile. No elbow joggling intended, just a curious enquiry.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: UBB v8? - 08/31/12 01:48 AM

v8? All I saw was vaporware from ages ago. Where did you see that?

It's been stalled at 7.5.6 for over a year. The owner of UBB sold it last summer, not much activity on their forums since then. I don't know where it's headed.
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: UBB v8? - 09/02/12 11:43 AM

Oh, that's a shame. I googled UBB and Tapatalk, and found a comment on the UBB forum saying that Tapatalk were into being compatible, but we're just waiting for the release of v8. I didn't notice how old that post was, but it made v8 sound imminent.

I'll just have to put up with much squinting and pinching on my phone (first world problems, forsooth...)
Posted by: neil

Re: UBB v8? - 09/02/12 05:20 PM

Yeah -- I thought that dev was continuing with v8, but I've not heard more about it for a while. I'll take a look again and see if I can find out more.