Access problems

Posted by: yoyo52

Access problems - 07/30/10 05:22 PM

Yesterday I couldn't get on the forum pages for a couple of hours. I figured it was the cyber-boyd version of a transient ischemic attack, and when I tried again yesterday evening, everything was ok. But then the same thing just happened. I couldn't get on for a couple of hours. Is it my ISP acting up, a problem with the forums, or a problem in the intertubes?
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Access problems - 07/30/10 05:27 PM

No problems/interruptions for me. My ISP apparently had some DNS issues a week or so ago that required me to reload several times to get anywhere.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Access problems - 07/30/10 09:51 PM

I've noticed that it's been down at times in the last couple of days or so, I thought I heard some hammering going on, probably still tweaking.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Access problems - 07/30/10 11:59 PM

Yeah. I thought it might be some tweaking.
Posted by: RickB

Re: Access problems - 07/31/10 03:19 PM

It definitely appears to be a DNS issue. At certain times doing a lookup for this site comes back as a host not found. So, if you haven't been here for a bit and your DNS cache has expired then you can't get to the site. If you still have it cached, then you can.

I don't have access to the DNS servers, but I did send an email to Neil to inform him.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Access problems - 07/31/10 05:05 PM

Thanks, Rick. I had it happen for a little bit this morning again. The odd thing is that I come here pretty frequently, and the access problem has happened only after I have been on the site, usually just a few minutes before the problem occurs.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Access problems - 08/03/10 04:34 PM

It's almost impossible to get on the forums this afternoon. Even when I do get on, the page does not fully load. Here's what I see.

An incidentally, when I post a comment, I have to quit the page-load and go back to the top page of the forums, which I can get to only after stopping and starting the loading several times.

edit: Ok, so now all the problems have stopped and the page loads without a hitch.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Access problems - 08/03/10 04:50 PM

I hear power tools in the background.
Posted by: RickB

Re: Access problems - 08/03/10 10:10 PM

I think it's more than what I originally had thought. When/if you have trouble accessing here again, can you also try and It's definitely DNS related, but trying to figure out the extent of it so I can give Neil the best information to get it fixed.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Access problems - 08/03/10 10:43 PM

Will do.