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Posted by: katlpablo

Time Setting - 03/14/10 07:19 PM

Neil: a not urgent problem that may be easy to correct,

I have some problem with the time that appears on the threaded-mode, like Lea, except that i'm in Atlantic Time so, for me, the threaded list clock is 3 hours behind.

Here's an image of the post "just another test" that shows the differing times:
(click image to enlarge or go to "Just another test")

  • in the upper part is my computer's time, which i wrote in the post 12:02:09 and which was (basically) the same as the one recorded in the (upper right hand) post id# corner; 12:02:02.
  • in the lower part of the above image is the threaded list with the same "just another test" post showing a different time listed 09:02:02; exactly 3 hours difference from the one recorded above (with the id#) 12:02:02.

This other image below shows the MacNews "Edit User Settings" under/inside the "User/Login" drop-down menu. Once in the settings page click "Edit" and you will see that you can set your time zone. (click image to enlarge)

This image is from MacNews. On MacTech the corresponding setting hasn't been implemented so the user cannot set its time zone.

I believe it's possible that my threaded list problem mentioned before could have its origin here. smile
Posted by: neil

Re: Time Setting - 03/15/10 05:08 AM

In the forums, there's a "my stuff" menu where it says edit preferences, and there's a setting something like this:

Current server time is: 03/14/10 10:07 PM
Choose your time offset in hours: (..,-2,-1,0,1,2,..)

Did you set your time offset to be +3?


Posted by: katlpablo

Re: Time Setting - 03/15/10 09:12 AM

Originally Posted By: neil
Did you set your time offset to be +3?

Yes i did. smile It corrected one hour of the 4 behind i had in the first test i did in my "Just a test" thread .
Posted by: neil

Re: Time Setting - 03/15/10 04:35 PM

I'm confused. Did that not fix it? A +3 made a change of just +1? That makes no sense.

Let me look at this down the road.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Time Setting - 03/15/10 04:51 PM

That seems to be a common anomaly. You've been busy so you may have missed it but a few have posted about it. It only shows up in old timers threaded mode. I checked and it does the same for me, everything is set right in my forum Preferences.

It's no biggie, one of those when you have time things unless you think it might be affecting something else.

Also in regards katlpablo's other point. There is nowhere in the MacTech settings to set a time zone, but there is at MacNews, he posted a pic above, I posted one below.

But, when I try and change my time zone at MacNews, then hit the Save button, it gives an error of "email address already in use and highlights the email box in red.

Again, just an FYI.