Time Check

Posted by: Lea

Time Check - 03/11/10 12:01 AM

It's 6 PM Central here at LaHacienda.

Edit: I finally gave up on Dreaded Threaded because ~ The read/not read indicators (read = blue, not read = black) just aren't working. They "stick" for a session, then I go find something real to do with my life. I come back, and threads I know I already read are black. Nope, I don't log out. Anyway, it's just too confusing, so I've been getting used to Flat.

ANYway, I was wondering if this Threaded read/not read problem might be because our timing is still off here. Or if it's only off when someone is so old school stubborn they insist on sticking with Dreaded Threaded.

File under not remotely important to anybody but me. And I only get really frustrated with Flat when there's a gazillion post thread going in the Box. It's hard to keep up with who's exactly insulting who, for what and when.

Hey, I'm not a drama queen, but I love the show. Sue me. laugh

Posted by: neil

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:03 AM

Yes, but in real time, it's 4pm. smile
Posted by: Lea

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:11 AM

Oh tell me about it. How many nights have I been up past my bedtime because ya'll won't start a baseball game out there until 9 PM? laugh

Posted by: neil

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:14 AM

Just retaliation for everything being stated in east coast time zone times. wink
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:24 AM

You're both wrong, it's 7PM, well it was at one time anyway, about 24 minutes ago.
Posted by: Lea

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:24 AM

I'm good with that. I hate the East Coast so much, I've never been there. laugh

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:26 AM

7:27 PM here. laugh

I still prefer threaded, but when I click on one unread response, they all change to read in that thread.
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:27 AM

The East Coast is a nice place to visit!



Posted by: Lea

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:29 AM

When I was a little shaver growing up in a tiny little town, we not only got second rate movies at the one picture show in what passed for downtown ~ We got 20 year old "news reels" between the double B pictures.

I remember one, it was black/white, railing about how daylight savings time was some kind of government abomination and was gonna screw the farmers. Really. I was maybe 10 years old. I was already an avowed hater of DST, so this totally screwed with my young head.

Crap. I've forgotten what my point was. Cue Oblio. smile


Edit: Duh. My point was that I couldn't believe that there had been a time when not only was there no such thing as DST, but people were pissed that some lunatic had even proposed it. There. I feel better. laugh

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 12:32 AM

Everyone has a point. wink
Posted by: Lea

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 02:14 AM

OK. I switched to Threaded just now, to see and sure enough ~ This is what my OP looks like, the time is right, 6 pm.

Scroll down and the time is off by two hours.

Just one of those FYI thingies. Sorry, I keep forgetting to ask how to do the click to imbiggen thingie. I always just right click and open in a new tab. I'm so glad somebody else runs the intertubes, because I'm obviously just not up to the job. laugh

Back to Flat.

Posted by: neil

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 02:34 AM

so, that's an easy solve: you just have to move to the west coast! smile
Posted by: Lea

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 02:47 AM

Yeah, but then the Astros would start their games at 5 pm. Everybody in Houston would hate me. wink

Posted by: carp

Re: Time Check - 03/11/10 05:12 AM

Thats because every one else is stupid to change their times laugh

Hawaii it is 8:00 Am in the Winter , 8:00 Am in the Spring , 8:00 Am in the Summer , 8:00 Am in the Fall <-- DuH . Well aside from AZ is the only other smart one . laugh

Just kidding