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Internet Cafe Software - 02/19/02 05:19 PM

Hello everyone, I am interested in opening a Mac based internet cafe and was wondering if there is any software that can track time, loggins, and billing information. A program that can run on OS X would be GREAT! but thats probably not going to happen any time soon. I know of a windows based program called "Cybertime" but I don't want to do Windows, I want a the new iMacs.<br>Thanks in advance,<br><br>Rich C<br><br>
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Re: Internet Cafe Software - 02/19/02 10:08 PM

Don't know if this will suit you, but it runs on X and 9:<br><br><br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: Internet Cafe Software - 02/19/02 11:16 PM

yes, there is something... let me dig into it... though, I have a feeling that you'll need to look for something like a "card" system like some computer labs have... and just track time based on when the card was checked out and turned back in... and run everyone through a central system... that would be easier, IMO...<br><br>though something is out there... I think there is one of these in SF that runs somthing... I'll look for it later from home and report back... <br><br>btw, this should have gone in a different forum category here probably...<br><br>
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Re: Internet Cafe Software - 02/20/02 02:07 PM

I posted this message in the wrong forum. It has been moved to the Mac Local Forum, thanks for all that has responded thus far. The moderator has been informed to remove this post, thanks again.<br><br>Rich C<br><br>