Nothing Wrong

Posted by: yoyo52

Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 05:24 AM

It just dawned on me that I post in this forum only when something is wrong. So nothing is wrong now and I thought I'd give a tip o' th' hat and a big old thanks. smile
Posted by: neil

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 06:38 AM

Well, on a day like today ... it's nice to see. You're welcome.


Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 02:22 PM

Nice and speedy this AM. How many free months did you get from the ISP? wink
Posted by: Lea

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 02:54 PM




Posted by: neil

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 05:55 PM

Well, it's not that type of situation (there's a lot more to it). But, they undid what they did and we now will figure out what the long term solution will be in the next 30 days.
Posted by: carp

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 07:07 PM

All this time I thought you have a rack of Xserves , right next to your office laugh
Posted by: neil

Re: Nothing Wrong - 12/16/09 07:11 PM

Yep, we do have a rack of xserves (along with some other stuff). Now the question is whether we want to colo, or continue, or host it the web site portions of it in a different way.