New Forum Categories

Posted by: krusher117

New Forum Categories - 01/01/09 04:58 PM

We are planning on adding a few new forum categories in the next few days. Just wanted to get some feedback from you guys first. We need to know what new category would like to see and WHY. Please leave response here with your suggestion. We will still be using the same forum setup so none of the posts will be lost. We're just going to be adding to what is already there.
Posted by: whitlock

Re: New Forum Categories - 01/01/09 05:05 PM

I think having a category for x86 Hackintosh mods would be really helpful. It just seems like something a site that modders visit would need.
Posted by: krusher117

Re: New Forum Categories - 01/01/09 06:05 PM

I know I started the thread, but I also do have a big thing I would like to see...more software based categories