Mod guide help

Posted by: Toyj

Mod guide help - 03/25/05 05:17 PM

ok I jsut made the mod for my mac and when i tryed to put a pic on the mod guide it wouldnt work.... that ting is really confusing it took me an hour to figure it b4 i started typing. And i still dont have the pic on it so if yall approve my mod guide its pictureless
Posted by: maestro

Re:Mod guide help - 03/25/05 05:52 PM

I know it can be difficult. To load a picture do on the photo button (looks like a
skyline), it will bring up a new window. Click to search for your photo, then hit load. After it
loads, drag you pic to the article and it will set itself. At least thats how I do it. Have you read
the instructions in the forums?
Posted by: Toyj

Re:Mod guide help - 03/25/05 06:22 PM

no i didnt read them jsut denie my mod and i will make another one iguess or can u edit them... man im out of it right now
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Mod guide help - 03/25/05 07:25 PM

Toyj, you can always access your mod guide later. I'll PM you the link so you can edit it.