Posted by: KnifeLord

TO ALL NEW MEMBERS! - 11/22/04 11:15 AM

Hey guys,
We get modders here a lot, I see that they joined under the section "Newest Modders" but about one out of every 20 takes the time to post anything. I am guessing that the other 19 have joined just to use the forums that have already been made, but dont forget guys, this website wants your imput. Even if it is just a "Hey this is what I am doing, wish me luck" because then we know that this sight is seen by a large varity of people. Think about this, one of you could easily be the person to plant the seed of a new mod into someone (Don't think too deeply about thoes words...) you might get some advice you may not have known you needed. And you might show us something that we never would have thought of before. So... POST!