How do you post news on the site?

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How do you post news on the site? - 01/06/02 11:37 AM

Hi!<br> Just wanted to say that you do a great job keeping everyone up to date with the very latest Mac news… keep up the good work! I was also wondering how you add the news to the site… do you manually add it or do you use software to add the news to the site?<br><br>Again, keep up the good work!<br><br>J@ffa<br><br>
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Re: How do you post news on the site? - 01/06/02 09:00 PM

I suspect Stan Flack uses an editor like BBEdit to update the MacMinute news site using a template to quickly update a standard template.<br><br>Stan originally started MacCentral which was eventually sold to MacWorld Publishing, which he likely edited in a similar manner. While the present content is longer for MacCentral, hence the Mac"Minute" name for the present format, the two remain essentially the same as they were in 1996 or 1997 and use some template that can be quickly edited.<br><br>That's how you'll see this site, as well as other Mac sites, being edited frequently tomorrow, Jan. 7, during and after the Keynote and during the course of the week at MacExpo.<br><br>In its simplest form the home page of MacMinute is a single .html file created solely by an editor or software application like Adobe GoLive. The file can be retrieved, modified, then reuploaded via FTP in a matter of minutes, depending on the amount of text and/or graphics added.<br><br>During the actual Keynote there are lines, including T-1, available via Airport. All he needs to do is have a Fetch window open to this web site and the home page file open in an editor. He types in changes to the page, saves it, drags and drops it in the Fetch window. "Instant" update.<br><br>The MacMinute Cafe, btw, is another feature of the MacMinute web site but not directly related to the news. Since I doubt Stan will see your message, as he's likely busy in San Francisco or enroute there, I've chipped in.<br><br>(Stan, feel free to jump in and correct me.) <br><br>128k_Mac<br><br>The box said "Requires Microsoft Windows or better" so I bought a Macintosh. :rolleyes: