"How Old Are You?"

Posted by: KnifeLord

"How Old Are You?" - 10/29/04 08:15 AM

The new poll is a great idea to find out how many new modders there are, and such, but I found a small problem... WHAT DO US 15 YEAR OLDS DO, you have 'Under 15, and 16-20' But nothing for 15 year olds... Insane.... I must state my true age! Altho I would rather be 16, I am closer to 14... And I don't want to be known as 14!!! lol Anyway its not that big of a deal... but I feel left out of this poll.... frown laugh

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: \"How Old Are You?\" - 10/29/04 09:25 AM

whoops, its supose to be 15 and under! wink

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Posted by: maclover1986

Re: - 10/30/04 04:37 AM

hey knife,

I am turning 18 in two months... ... can't wait!

I am also half-A+-certified. Now how can that be?

Simply put, you have to pay about $130 to take the 2 CompTIA A+ tests ($130 total, not per test). The focuses are: Hardware and Operating Systems. I can't tell you all about it, or my A+ certification will become null and void.

Posted by: whitlock

Re: - 10/30/04 07:52 AM

Well, congrats on the A+. I never got it because I have not walked into a job where they wanted certification. That's also why I never bothered finishing my CCNA certification (even though I took 4 semesters of CCNA training). Once I show up and they want a certification, I will simply go down and get certified. That was always my outlook on it.

I hope it works out for you!