Who\'s on?

Posted by: Anonymous

Who\'s on? - 06/09/04 11:11 AM

Can your software post a 'Who's On..' section? Might be a nice addition to your sidebars.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Who\'s on? - 06/09/04 11:34 AM

Actually Magnus, I think that there is a feature for this. I was going to add it some time back but it started to make the site look cluttered. I may add a user menu link for it though. Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Who's on? - 06/09/04 12:29 PM

Magnus, I have just added this feature to the site. I am working on getting the alias names added to it, but for now it is going to be the real names.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Who's on? - 06/09/04 02:15 PM

Very nice. I imagine that as this site becomes more popular, the list may become too long for the sidebar and may no longer be useful. But it's pretty cool to have in the mean time.