Admin Update: New Areas, Moving Stuff Around

Posted by: neil

Admin Update: New Areas, Moving Stuff Around - 11/10/08 09:21 PM

Afternoon all,

As you've probably already noticed, we're doing quite a bit of re-arranging right now. The two areas that we won't be touching are Stan's Lounge, and Political Soapbox.

We are moving things around so that we can bring in more experts in each area. To do that well, we need more granularity. We're modeling it after things that have worked with the magazine.

The topical, computer related stuff is what we're moving around, and the members area will go away as well.

The General discussion (tech) never really got much traffic compared to other sites probably because it was too general. The plan is for this General area to go completely away with all the history and such moved to other MacTech forums. These new forums are already coming together -- if you've not seen them, look at the main page for the forums for the full list.

As polymerase pointed out, With the quick and easy "active topics" and "active posts" selection you can slice and dice the forums into as many subforums as you want and we can still pick off what we want to read. Then if the place gets way to busy one can then just look at the subforum of interest. That will allow you to customize to your tastes (but you may want to wait until the organization settles in).

Hope that answers a whole bunch of questions!

Let us know your thoughts, as always.

Posted by: neil

Re: Admin Update: New Areas, Moving Stuff Around - 11/11/08 08:11 PM

Just a quick update. We further tweaked the forum names, and descriptions to better delineate things. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this.

We're now in the process of moving everything in the General Forum out to the other forums, and once that's complete, General Forum will be going away.

Anyone see anything else that's not really covered?



Posted by: neil

Re: Admin Update: New Areas, Moving Stuff Around - 11/13/08 06:24 AM

Quick heads up.

We've TEMPORARILY increased the number of threads per page, and the number of search results to aid in the moving of topics out of the General forum. This is a bit risky as it puts undo strain on the server, so we can't stay that way in the long term.

Just wanted you to know what was up.



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Re: Admin Update: New Areas, Moving Stuff Around - 11/13/08 07:39 AM

Another update: We found that we needed two more forums to make things work right.

Peripherals and Accessories
Apple World

Apple World is for anything related to the Apple industry -- keynotes, announcements, rumors, AAPL discussions, whatever related to the Apple industry that doesn't fit in the other areas.

This is different from Stan's Lounge which is the non-political, social hang out to just chill out.

Hope that all makes sense.