Admin Update: Language Censor

Posted by: neil

Admin Update: Language Censor - 11/07/08 08:22 PM

Hey all,

In an effort to keep things civil, and reasonable, I've just kicked in the a language censor. Don't get me wrong, my mouth utters some great words too ... but I've learned from experience that if we keep it cleaner, you'll get your point across better.

"Medium" words won't be filtered. We're not that hard case -- just the strongest of words that would be personal attack oriented.

And, now with MacTech's logo on here, I need to do the right thing for the brand.



Posted by: neil

Re: Admin Update: Language Censor - 11/07/08 08:25 PM

FYI: We'll leave this post sticky and global for a few days, and then it will be demoted. Just want to give people a chance to see these common issues.