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Posted by: John Rougeux

Who's online - 11/07/08 07:48 AM

In the User Preference, there is this option:
Hide from Who's Online?
Yes No

So I check No. But there is no Who's Online link that I can find. Can anyone see who's online?
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 08:29 AM

I haven't found any Who's Online anywhere.
Posted by: FSM

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 08:40 AM

Forum List -- My Stuff -- User List -- Who's Online -- Active Topics -- Search -- FAQ

it's right up at the top.
Posted by: margadagio

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 08:43 AM

Duh! blush
Posted by: RickB

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 08:44 AM

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. It was just added up top. Oh, and Hi. I'm the UBB.threads developer and figured I'd pop in to help fix/address any problems you guys and gals might be having.
Posted by: Mississauga

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 09:02 AM

Hi RickB. Cool and thanks!
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Who's online - 11/07/08 09:52 AM

Hi Rick--thanks for all the work and the continuing attention! I'm really overwhelmed with your responsiveness, and Neil's of course, and the whole set up. Many thanks.