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Posted by: yoyo52

Home Page Link - 11/06/08 10:02 PM

Just wondering if there's going to be a link to the forums on the MacTech home page. I don't see one now, but I think we're all feeling a little hungry and would like some new blood. whistle
Posted by: neil

Re: Home Page Link - 11/06/08 10:09 PM

Yeah -- once the tweaks are done, the new topics are added, and a few other things, that's the plan. No date -- just when it feels ready.



Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Home Page Link - 11/06/08 10:14 PM

So that's why you're up at this hour. Couple of weeks before the full moon, though.
Posted by: neil

Re: Home Page Link - 11/06/08 10:23 PM

Well, it's only 10:23p here ... but I need to get this off my plate and onto other things tomorrow. So, I've been making the punch list for Rick for tomorrow. smile